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We care about, understand, do privacy

We are privacy advocates at heart and technology specialists by trade.
We understand how easy it is to find yourself in the middle of personal data processing without even realising. By using basic technologies you may even process such data on behalf of third parties or export it outside of UAE jurisdiction.
Our goal is to find the most efficient strategies that will asist companies in maintaining their competitive edge while securing their operations and reduce their exposure and liabilities in this competitive market.
We are a multidisciplinary and business-oriented team with entrepreneurial thinking, willing to analyse, build and brainstorm optimal solutions for your data protection compliance.
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Why choose us?

01. Pragmatic, straightforward, solution-driven.
We are an agile team of highly experienced collaborators and advisors and ensure our solutions are always the most up-to-date and effective way for any organisation to satisfy its privacy compliance obligations.
02. Legal and technical expertise.
Being privacy advocates at heart and technology specialists by trade with a deep understanding of business, technology, processes, education and the regulatory environment, we are in a unique position to help tech companies explore the changes required in their professional, legal, and tech efforts.
03. Highly cost effective.
We offer a range of valuable services and flexible packages, meaning clients select the level of support that is right for them, whether that be a one-off consultancy project, or ongoing long-term support.

Work process

Every company is different so we will need to understand what is important for you, what is at stake, what your objectives are?

Brew coffe

Over a fresh cup ocoffe we will have a discovery dialog in which togheter we will identify what and how personal data is processed by your organisation. .


We assess the processes, systems, documents and activities of the organization by conducting a GAP analysys followed by an audit report.


We focus on the elaboration of the entire documentation, as well as the effective implementation of the corresponding technical and organizational measures.


We offer support in continuing the compliance program through the outsourced DPO service, as well as the DPO Support service for the internal team.
The key players who will ensure your data processing will become fully compliant

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Passionate about data privacy, technology and entrepreneurship, with complementary skills and experiences, acquired over time, from involvement in a multitude of various projects.

Managing Director

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Extensive experience of implementing compliance programmes for companies of many sizes. She’s passionate about keeping things simple and getting them done.

Legal and Compliance Director

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Highly experienced and results orientated senior web developer with legal training. He has extensive hands-on experience working within organisations to deliver strategic improvements to their compliance and data protection practices and culture

Technology Director

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Over 25 years’ experience advising companies on data protection and privacy. He’s an expert in risk evaluation and management of data breaches.

Security Director

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We understand the challenges facing organizations in implementing personal data protection and we have built our services so that we turn the compliance process into a tool for cost reduction and process optimization.